Aromatherapy (Perdomo2 Maduro 2008 Limited Edition Robusto)

My celebration cigar for successfully winning National Novel Writing Month!  I decided I was going to enjoy a very special treat; the Perdomo2 (the 2 meaning “Squared”) Maduro 2008 Limited Edition.  I’d been saving it for just the right occasion; one should savour a limited edition cigar.

Nick Perdomo had this to say on its release:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to bring Perdomo² cigars back. The blend has been tweaked, and I’ve put together some chunky new sizes for you to enjoy, but it still retains that rich, chocolatey goodness you once loved from this popular line.”

2015-12-04 07.05.34The 2008 Limited Edition immediately distinguished itself as something a little extra.  It had a beautifully box-cut form (squared, for those who may not know; ha ha, very funny Nick) with a matte, dark chocolate shaded maduro wrapper and a very attractive gold and yellow label.  It was five inches long and a 50 ring gauge. Unusually it appeared to be topped with a single cap as opposed to a double cap, and it smelled of dark coffee, rich tobacco, and a hint of mocha. I thought it leant itself more to punching than cutting, so I punched it with my trusty little bullet punch.

2015-12-04 07.06.08The Perdomo2 is a Nicaraguan puro (meaning it is entirely comprised of Nicaraguan tobaccos) made in Perdomo’s Nicaraguan factory. It’s formed of long fillers from a selection of Nicaragua’s best growing regions and a sun grown maduro wrapper.  The pre-light draw suggested that the cigar would deliver on its promise of a dark and oily wrapper; the first draw confirmed it.  Between these two events, toasting the foot produced a scent like Turkish coffee; very rich and dark.

What a remarkable first third!  What an amazing flavour profile!

When we talk about perfume, there are three types of scents that combine to form a complete perfume; a top note, which is a sharp scent and is the thing we normally smell first, but it fades the fastest.  The central pillar of a scent is called the heart note, and that tends to be the more rich and pervasive part of the scent, like roses.  Then there’s the base note, which is something woody or resinous.  That’s the one that we smell underneath all the other scents, but it’s also the one that we smell for the longest time; it’s why perfume that you put on in the morning when you go to work has a totally different character at night.
So this cigar . . . its heart note was of dark Turkish coffee.  Over that was a top note of spice and black pepper; delicious!  And it had a very distinct base note of peat and cumin.
Aromatherapy in a smoke.  A few draws in the coffee heart note also revealed elements of vanilla, delightfully sweet.  My roommate asked me what I was smoking when he came in the room, because according to him the room note was primarily of that vanilla and coffee.

2015-12-04 07.39.18About half an hour in the flavour profile transformed completely.  It blended into an outstanding combination of black pepper, Turkish coffee, nutmeg, and blackstrap molasses.  Again, totally unique; I’ve tasted nothing that resembles it in any way.  And it presented a long white ash, though my light was kind of awkward.

Fifty minutes later it went out.  To be fair, I was distracted by a conversation in another room and came back to find it had ceased to smoulder.  C’est la vie!  I clipped it and re-lit.Smoking-Pipe-icon

In this final third, the unique flavour profile of the second third remained strong but it also took on some leather and wood elements.  Really enjoyable.  When it finally went out forty minutes later I had smoked it to a nub.  I was a little dizzy when I got up too, so be aware that this is a strong cigar for nicotine; definitely full-bodied!

This is an excellent example of how to do a complex cigar that is about the experience.  I loved the creativity and cleverness; it must be from knowing the growing regions of Nicaragua so well.  Definitely worth your money.  I give it:

4 stars
You can get the Perdomo Squared at Cigars International in Maduro or Natural; the Maduro robustos will run you $109.99 USD for a box of twenty or $30 USD for a five pack; it runs $110.50 USD for a box at Thompson Cigar; and you can find them at Famous Smoke for $30.99 USD for a five pack (and they’re running out of stock!)

That’s a lady’s perspective!

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