The Cannonball: coin tobacco packing technique

Following the interest of the last short video I did on the Palm Roll Method I thought I would share another favorite packing technique I call The Cannonball. This method is for coins mostly but can be used with flakes, too; it gives the advantages of the Frank Method to flake/coin smokes and is very easy to use. IMG_3541

I forgot to mention in the article on the Palm Roll Method so I’ll bring it up now: with either of these, or any “air-pocket” packing method, you have to make sure that you tamp differently than what you are probably used to. You want the tamp to be be very gentle and even, otherwise you’ll push the tobacco down (unusually unevenly) into the air-space too soon. Eventually the tobacco will get down there on its own; just don’t “help it along” with excessive tamping force.

For the “nay-sayers” out there, I smoked the entire bowl on just the char and true light; it really does work!IMG_3542

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