Rich and Luxuriant (Camacho Criollo Robusto)

2015-12-13 was kind enough to send along a few cigars for us to review.  I am given to understand that the Camacho Criollo is a personal favourite of some of the folks at Famous Smoke, and that Cigar Aficionado gave the Figurado (torpedo) a 92 rating, and so I looked forward to sampling it!  The robusto size of the Criollo is five inches in length and a 50 ring gauge.  It was created by Camacho in response to numerous requests for a less full-bodied cigar (though I have never tried another Camacho so have no basis of comparison for this.)  Camacho sticks are known to pack a powerful punch and generally are best served late in the day. The Criollo is intended to be a medium-strength offering, so I dared it at about lunch time.

Camacho is famous for being as close to Cuban as it gets.  The Criollo is a Honduran cigar, made with Honduran and Dominican Piloto long fillers and a fourth priming Criollo wrapper (which basically means that the wrapper has been aged out as much as it’s possible to be aged out.)  The label is a bright yellow flashy flag of a label, informing us that Camacho has been “infamous since 1962.”  That Criollo wrapper is a dark Connecticut matte shaded wrapper with almost no veins to speak of.  I clipped it easily with my Ciguru cutter and toasted the foot.

I admit that the toasted foot did give a very Cuban sort of air.  It smelled like that unique terroire, there was no question about it.  There was a lingering element of spicy and sweet.  It lit easily with my cedar spill, and made for an even light all around.  Smoke plumed into the air and maintained a gentle haze through the house until it was finished.

What can I say?  It was a lovely cigar!  That amazing Criollo wrapper (usually one of my favourites due to the long, careful fermentation process) was every bit what it promised to be.  I was delighted by the rich and luxuriant flavours that touched my senses; deep, dark fermentation, spice and pepper, dark cocoa or perhaps overdone coffee, garden soil, and just a hint of leather to keep it interesting.  Actually I found it to be such a smooth blend that I had difficulty distinguishing one element from another, since it all blended so seamlessly.  Nor could I differentiate significantly between thirds; the Camacho delivered a consistent and delightful smoke all the way through!  Picture me, as I came up with the descriptive terms, looking pensively out the window and scratching notes in my notebook with question marks after them.

2015-12-13 13.53.16The room note could perhaps be described like that Cuban terroire and slightly overdone coffee (a scent that I personally find to be pleasant); but I must respectfully disagree with one observation, in that I did not taste that Cuban terroire in its flavouring.  Sorry guys; this is really a great cigar, but a Cuban is a Cuban.

Another note; perhaps this is technically a medium-bodied cigar, but I still found when it finally went out about an hour and a quarter after I lit it (and no relighting required, I might add,) I was a bit dizzy when I got up.  So no, this won’t knock your socks off with its vitamin N content, but it’s certainly not an introductory stick for beginners, either!  And one to be cautious of for those like me who only smoke once a week or less.

Thanks for tuning me in to this one, Famous Smoke!  I probably wouldn’t have selected it for myself, being as I tend to go for cigars on the far ends of the light and dark spectrum (candelas and maduros by preference,) but I am certainly glad I didn’t miss it!  I’m likely to pick up a five pack to keep handy in my little humidor and smoke them for pleasure.

In this lady’s perspective, I rate this cigar:

Stars - 4 and a half

You can get the Camacho robusto at Famous Smoke for $6.25 USD for a single, $27.99 USD for a five pack, or $112.99 USD for a box of twenty.  They’re also available at Cigars International for $30.00 USD for the five pack or $112.50 USD for the box.


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