Stuff and Roll: a different take on packing flake tobacco

I thought today would be an excellent time to share another short article and video on properly packing one’s pipe, focusing on flake tobaccos today. Most of us are familiar the the old “fold and stuff” method. And if we are honest with ourselves it can be a tough method to get right; if it causes too much “fiddling” or too many relights most folks just give up on it altogether.

I have a method that I think I might have developed; I’ve heard suggestions and combined ideas to come up with what I believe might be a new way of packing flakes; I call it the “Fold and Roll” method. Now, if I’m wrong and someone else did invent this, I apologize for my ignorance. But try it nonetheless; it really is easy and burns very well with few-to-no relights if tended to a bit. (Like all air-pocket methods, lighter and slightly more tamping is required.)

I used a single flake of Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake and a small Missouri Corn Cob pipe for snapshot_001this particular video. The idea is to fold the flake into thirds, kind of like the letter “Z” and then roll it up into a “hay bale”. This gives us all of our tobacco runing vertical rather than horizontal which tends to keep it burning longer, easier. As you insert your
Smoking-Pipe-icon“plug” you can give it a little bit of a twist to make it slip in easier if you want/need to.




The result is another air-pocket-style pack that gives a very open draw and a nice, firm but not-too-firm pack. The “bits” can be added to the top for kindling to get the burn started with even more ease, though it isn’t absolutely necessary to do this. snapshot_005

I hope this method brings you many long, cool smokes, especially if you have had difficulty with the old fold ‘n stuff in the past.


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