January Special Feature: Glynn Quelch

GQtobaccosHappy New Year!  Continuing in the same vein as last month, we are pleased to feature Glynn Quelch as our focus tobacconist in January.

Glynn and my husband have been corresponding for a few years now, having chanced to meet on one of the many pipe groups that Erin has joined on Facebook, and they’ve always gotten on well.  We have reviewed a variety of his blends here at Smoking Jacket, and we’ve always found his professionalism to be top notch and his blends, though a little pricier for those of us in North America, to be worth the cost.  He has even blended us two personal blends: the official Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club blend and the Okanagan Peach and Apple blend (which features the trademark fruits of our home region so well).  Unfortunately Glynn’s tobacco can be hard to get for our friends in the United States, since tobacco tariffs make it nearly impossible to get his products there.  Hailing from Nottingham, England, Glynn Quelch has quickly established a reputation for himself among aficionados and gentlemen of the briar.  Throughout January we’ll be posting reviews of his blends, related videos, and an interview.  I hope you will enjoy discovering his work as much as we have!

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