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Howdy everyone hope it’s warm by you as by us it’s freaking freezing out as tomorrow will be like –20 to -30 with the wind-chill and of course I’ll be at work as another busy work week I’m sure it will be. So before the workweek starts, what better time to enjoy some new to me tobacco from GQ Blends than with Chocolate Vanilla. Glynn is a master blender in my eyes with a unique way of thinking outside of the box in his ideas of how a blend will taste and smoke with a flair for unusual marrying of tobacco types.
So put on your favorite music, get comfy on the couch, light the fire place up and relax and enjoy your evening.

Pipe: MM patriot corn cob

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Latakia, Virginia

Flavoring: Cocoa, Chocolate, Vanilla

Cut: mixture

Pack method: 3 tier

Strength: Mild to mild medium

Flavor: This blend has nice roasted cocoa nib/chocolate notes with a pleasant vanilla bean woven into it. The background has a light smokiness with sweet hay like notes.

Taste: Chocolate Vanilla is very smooth, cool smoking, with round body and some earthiness and complexity with no bite or harshness.

Tin notes: There is a rich, slight smokiness with hints of roasted cocoa nib and vanilla with a slight hint of citrus.

Room notes: There is a pleasant mild aroma of chocolate/vanilla with a mild smokiness from the Latakia that never is predominate in aroma or flavor but more of a nice blend for some richness and depth. There are nuances of citrus in the back ground.

Notes: After seeing what is in the blend I was surprised to find out it has Latakia in it as it is an aromatic. I was right away thinking this is going to be a strong English blend with an overly sweet topping as in a grilled steak poured with sugar. At least that was my supposition reading the ingredient list. The tin note was rich and pleasant and mild, which quelled some of my trepidation.
During the charring light I was shocked to find this a unique blend, as the aroma wasn’t overpowering with the Latakia with its smokiness at all. It reminded me instead of hot chocolate with fresh-baked sugar cookies. I like the Latakia in this blend as it gives it some richness and depth and helps keep this blend cool smoking, more so than the smokiness you become accustomed to knowing. The strength is very mild at this point for the first half of the bowl, with no tongue bite or harshness nor bitterness. The first half of the bowl was a revelation in subtlety and promise of what a good aromatic should be like.
During the last half of the bowl the strength is progresses to mild-medium. Yet it remains a cool, bite free blend. The rich cocoa nib flavor still hangs strong throughout the smoke which is a not easily done with most aromatics I’ve had. I am fond of how this blend has some actual progression as it becomes richer and yet still maintains no harshness and stays cool.
I can see this being an all day smoke for some or for anyone new to aromatics looking for a good mid to mild medium cool yet flavorful smoke. I admit I was a bit worried about this blend but instead have to commend Glynn for thinking outside of the box on his ideas when he creates his blends.
My only regret and I hope it can change in the near future is that his wonderful blends would be readily available here in the United States.  Some day I would love to try his other blends some day, Glynn my friend you done a great job on your blends!!

Rate: 3.75 out of 5 

Good Wife’s Review: Chocolate Vanilla is subtly sweet from across the room to me. It actually reminds me more initially of someone baking cookies in the kitchen. I can just imagine sitting in my room reading a book and I get that faint waft of cookies. This is the kind of odor that makes you stop at the end of the paragraph and wander out to see what goodies Mom is baking. But then you look back at the book. It’s a real page-turner and you’re almost to the end of the chapter and suddenly you have a dilemma. Do you go see if Mom splurged on a roll of Nestle cookie dough and they are done or do you finish the chapter? I am sitting here thinking, were it me, who as a child was a voracious reader, I would probably finish the chapter. I would sit and the smell would be ever-present in my mind as I twirled through the pages, hurrying, skimming along to get to the meat of the story. The cookie odor keeps prompting me to hurry but it is not quite strong enough to pull me from my blissful reverie. And this brings me full circle back to this blend. It’s nice. It’s my mom’s frozen cookie dough baking in the oven while I’m reading a book. Chocolate Vanilla is good, enticing even but not quite strong enough to pull me from my beloved pages. I like this blend a whole bunch, but love it, not quite. It is a fair to middling blend for me. I do have to give it a nod for bringing back a positive memory for me though.



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