Definitely NOT Milquetoast (Acid Toast Toro)

2016-01-22 12.34.56Finally, my day off!  I’ve been working a lot of extra hours at my day job (you know, the one that pays the bills; apparently being a professional blogger is not the most lucrative career choice, unless you’re Sarah Palin’s daughter or something).  So I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write this review until today, which is why you’re only seeing it in the evening.

It has been a while since I decided to sample one of my infused cigars from my Acid sampler box I’ve been saving (savouring).  So I figured it was time.  Acid cigars have, of course, been widely embraced by even some of the most determined purists in the industry, despite the fact that they are infused; and I think I’ve made it clear that I’m already a fan.  Though weirdly, I’m not a fan of the infused cigars produced under the Drew Estate label.

The Toast is a mild to medium-bodied infused maduro (and I like maduros too, so that’s two bonus points already — but also a lot to live up to).  It features quality Nicaraguan tobaccos.  The toro is six inches long and a thinner 50 ring gauge.  It looked like just the thing for a mid-day smoke on my day off.

The wrapper note was of pepper and a savoury herbal, like parsley or thyme.  Acid’s unique herbal-spice infusions are legendary by now, probably because of the unique combination of savoury and sweet.  Some Asian cooking has the same quality but most Western foods do not, so I think we Westerners tend to find it an unusual and irresistible combination.  Either that or we reject it completely.

2016-01-22 12.35.41Unfortunately it peeled at the single cap when I sliced it with my double-guillotine cutter.  This was the prelude to a variety of construction problems that plagued me throughout the smoke; peeling at the mouth and foot, going out several times as I got closer to the end of the cigar and getting squishy near the end.  No five stars for you.

Toasting the foot produced a lovely chocolate and toasty scent.  I can see where it got its name! The first draws were of candy chocolate and spice with a touch of savor.  Now that I think about it, the combination reminded me a little of Briccola cough drops which I really like and would probably just eat like candy if they weren’t so damned expensive.  There’s something minty or camphorous in the taste of an Acid cigar, and “refreshing” probably isn’t an inappropriate word to use.  The first third lasted twenty-five minutes.

The second third was dominated by a very rich herbal and chocolate flavour; quite enjoyable!  The thinner size made it pleasant to smoke too.  I liked the feel of it in my hand.  However, it started to flake and it went out twenty minutes later

This time I waited to relight it until much later in the evening.  The first draw after I clipped it and left it to sit was buttery and rich.  Still very much of chocolate and that mint-savoury flavour.  I enjoyed it enough that I relit it several times and smoked it to a nub, which took me about half an hour to accomplish.

If it wasn’t for the construction problems this would have easily been one of my highest rated cigars in the past couple of years.  I loved its flavour, its texture, its feel.  Acid continues to perform admirably and produces outstanding infused cigars. So in this lady’s perspective, I rate this toothy and flavourful cigar at:

4 stars

You can get them at Thompson Cigar or Famous-Smoke for $8.85 USD for a single, $37.99 USD for a five pack (Famous-Smoke only,) $74.01 USD (TC) or $75.99 (FS) for a pack of ten, or $165.63 USD (TC) or $165.99 USD (FS) for a box of twenty-four; or you can get them as part of the Acid Ltd. Sampler Tin at Pipes & Cigars, like I did, for $49.99 USD on sale.


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