Musings of Padrón

Sitting here on a cruise ship deck in the middle of the Caribbean induces an almost unexplainable draw towards cigar smoking. Although back at home in the Canadian winter the thought if smoking a cogar was so foreign to me, I knew better enough to pack some away for my trip knowing that the desire woukd surely arise. 

I think that it has something to do with the salty sea air, the slightly humid climate and the soft warm breeze that creates this allure. I cant say for certain, but I beleive all these variables are responsible. Nonetheless, I sit here now, after a wholesome meal, writing this with a delicious stick in hand, the Padron 3000 Maduro courtesy of the Famous Smoke Shop.

A medium pack with a shaggy and slightly toothy wrapper, the Padron 3000 has a beautiful reputation for its rich earth aroma, which certainly is present here. Currently being paired with a dram of Glen Deveron 16yo Scotch, this is certainly a pairing for the ages. 

This is no formal review by any means, but musing on profiles and pairing. Sitting here smoking through the first third of the cigar I am getting rich notes of earth, nutmeg, allspice and black pepper.  A profile that some may consider too diametrically opposed to such a sweet and tart Highland Scotch. However, the armoa and tartness of the Deveron’s green apple and sweet pear contrast beautifully with the Padron’s spiciness; accentuating both the spirit’s and the cigar’s more subdued notes of roasted pecans and tart vanilla bean. 

In sum, never be hesitant to pair at random sometimes, you may never know exactly the prize that you may stumble upon. 


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