The Piper and his Good Wife: R-Blend Smoking Mixture

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Well today is a gloomy, chilly day and we are waiting for our friends to come on over and enjoy some time with us. I have been busy since I’ve been up to get things ready for today’s guests. So when I finally sat down to relax a little I figured what better to relax with than a review. The added bonus is I get to catch up on them. So for this review we picked Sutliff R-Blend Smoking Mixture. So go get yourself a cup of coffee or drink and never forget the yummy snacks and enjoy this review. Since we’re getting ready to enjoy Valentine’s Day this weekend, I hope everyone has a memorable weekend, much love to one and all and as always keep on puffin!!

Pipe: meerschaum and Irish Briar pipe.(

Tobacco: Burley, Latakia, Perique, Virginia, (flavoring of fruit/citrus)

Cut: Course cut

Pack method: 3 tier and franks.

Strength: Medium

Flavor: Smokiness with some slightly toasted nuts, grassy with a citrus peppery spice.

Taste: Smooth/cool smoke that has some spicy smokiness that toward mid bowl and last third of bowl lent to a slight bitter/acrid smoke even when smoked slow.
Tin note: Has some nuances of a citrus dried fruit note, light smokiness, mild, sweet grassiness noted also.

Room note: Pleasant and mild not complex noticed some smoky nuttiness and citrus in the first third of the bowl.

Notes: The tin aroma was not complex but pleasant to everyone around me, definitely not overwhelming. In the aroma I detected slight campfire smokiness and hints of citrus in the beginning. It has a nice rough cut and is ready to pack out of the tin. However, it did take a quite few relights to keep the pipe lit.
During the first third of the bowl I noticed the dried fruit/citrus notes with some Latakia smokiness that complimented this blend. I also noticed some nice spiciness from the Perique and earthiness and toasted nuttiness from the burley. On the second third of R-Mixture the strength remains medium and a cool smoke. On the down side I am noticing some bitter/acrid taste even smoking it slow. There is the nuttiness of the Burley all in the middle portion of the smoke that is pleasant to keep it interesting though. Finally, on the last third of the bowl I am getting some slight gurgling. Thankfully it remains a cool smoke through out the whole bowl. The bitterness remains the same even as the smokiness of the Latakia moves to the foreground now. It moves into more of the grassiness and herbal notes of the Virginia. Also, while still in the background the dried fruit/citrus notes can hardly be tasted. It almost fades away but can just barely be discerned.

Overall, the good news is that the spice level and strength and cool smoke remained constant through out the whole smoke. The negatives for me were the need to relight repeatedly and it got acrid or bitter after the first third of the bowl. R-Blend is not too complex nor does it have much progression. The positive is that I can see this as being a blend for those pipe smokers that would like to try a Latakia/Perique blend that is not over powering.

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: R-Blend is an interesting little smoke my husband is trying today. In teeny tiny print on the bottom is says a “smooth and mellow” mixture. I was really hoping that was what it would be. One thing I hate is being smacked around the room by whatever my husband is smoking. To be fair, it is exactly that. R-Blend was barely noticeable when he first lit it, then a slow faint barbeque odor wafted over. The odor was reminiscent of the neighbors in the next yard firing up the grill, not right close by but still there. It, like it’s name is not overly rich or complex in the room. I of course am assuming that “R-Blend” name is a kitschy play on the concept of “our blend”; simple and straightforward, childlike and yet still something to smile about. For that reason, as well as the room note I will say fine and indulge this little blend. It is not an effusive and complex discussion to be had, but it is still charming little conversation that is easy and predictable.

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  1. I got the same bitter taste from R Blend that you describe. It is one that I don’t foresee trying again, personally; I think I gave the last half ounce or so away in fact.

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