The Piper and his Good Wife: Metropolitain

Sutliff Private Stock Metropolitain                                              pb-sf3


Well today it’s freaking cold outside but on the bright side spring they say is around the corner, yeah right can’t tell from the temperatures outside. Oh well what better time to enjoy a pipe and try to stay warm so today’s review is from Sutliff Metropolitain (Private Stock). It has a nice vanilla aroma with some wonderfully dark rich tobacco. So put another log on the fire and keep warm, as spring will eventually get here…. some day brrrrr.
Pipe: Irish Briar churchwarden (

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia (flavoring of cherry, vanilla, whiskey)

Cut: rough cut

Pack method:  3 tier

Strength: Mild to mild-medium

Flavor: Mainly vanilla with hints of rum, reminds me of German chocolate cake with hints of caramel and toasted nuts or coconut in the background.

Taste: Not too sweet with slight hints of a sour note in a good way. Has some tongue bite even when smoked slowly. It will burn hot if smoked at a normal cadence so it must be smoked slow.

Tin note: Reminds me of a nice German cake with the frosting or of a good vanilla candle, smells like a natural vanilla not chemically or acrid. Pleasing to all.
Room note: Very pleasing everyone in the room as well as to me, didn’t notice any cherry aroma but did some of rum/caramel notes. It is not overly sweet nor is it overwhelming to anyone. Metropolitain is a crowd pleaser.

Notes: Metropolitain, out of the tin the tobacco is of a nice dark rich color with a very pleasing aroma. This blend however was a little moist but it is not overly goopy so a little dry time would be best. As a bonus, it did pack well. I had to relight a few times and the first taste was mainly of vanilla with hints of caramel and rum, roasted nuts/coconut in the background with a very slight sour nuance. For an aromatic this blend never got overly sweet which means it doesn’t gurgle in the pipe. It does have some typical aromatic tongue bite and it can get hot. So the key here is smoke slow. Another tip I found that helps is to use a churchwarden as the long stem helps out to keep the smoke cool as it travels to your tongue.

Moving towards the end of Metropolitain one tends to get some bitterness and the vanilla fades away. I was pleasantly surprised the flavor lasted this long though. So what I think of this blend is I can see it being a good starter for those just trying aromatics or for the aromatic aficionado. As long as it is smoked slowly it can be smoked all day. Metropolitain is a nice mild to mild-medium smoke. The flavor mainly is vanilla that lasts past the half way of the bowl but will fade after the first third of the bowl. It would be a good choice when trying to learn how to maintain a cadence for tobacco as if you smoke faster it will get hotter so it’s a good learning experience also.
Rated: 3 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: I picked Metropolitain today for my husband to smoke. I was hoping when he opened it for something a bit different and fun. This one delivered that for sure. Since I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago the name delivers a promise, albeit a badly spelled one. This aromatic reminds me of wandering around in the Loop. It has a weird blend of odors that mingle and mesh in a fun unique way. I smell a hint of vanilla and caramel, like when you wander past one of the bakeries downtown along with a slight alcoholic tinge, like the bars. I don’t know how to label the next odor because it’s not quite “smoky” but it is that too. I call that odor “downtown funk” in a weirdly fun way. If you have ever wandered in the Loop you know what I am talking about. For me, Metropolitain definitely is the City mouse of tobacco and this Country mouse transplant likes the aromas and memories that this blend incites in my mind. My husband can definitely smoke this one on the occasion that I miss the hustle and bustle of hopping on the train and running downtown to shop or wander the day away.

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