Tan Velvet (Rocky Patel Velvet Edition Toro)

2016-02-26 07.23.03Sorry that I missed you all last week!  It was a very busy week, with a new job starting and a lot of errands to run.  In addition to picking up extra hours at the bookstore I may soon be working part-time in a temporary position with the Canadian Census, so I may have to shift the day I do my column.  If so, it will likely be on Tuesdays or Saturdays, so please bear with me as things shift in my daily life.

In my opinion, a morning cigar is always best if it’s lighter.  So since I was smoking in the morning I was excited about the Rocky Patel Velvet Edition Toro I had slated to review.  Part of the Rocky Patel Luxury Toro Sampler sent to us by Holt’s Cigar Company, I was immediately attracted to its clean-smelling Ecuador Connecticut wrapper with its matte finish and small veins, presented in an attractive navy and gold label, which surrounded medium-bodied “mellow aged Nicarguan tobaccos.”  It’s a fairly firmly packed cigar that gave only slightly when I squeezed it, but not enough so that I had any reason to be concerned about the draw.  The Toro is six inches long and a 52 ring gauge. Its double cap clipped almost perfectly with my double guillotine cutter, leaving just a hint of a tail at the center.

2016-02-26 07.23.37I lit it with a cedar spill and toasted the foot. Its room note reminded me of lightly-toasted bread, and I found the first few draws light and extremely smooth.  The initial flavours were of a sweet something with a citrus-juniper overtone and maybe a hint of white pepper. I found myself initially reminded of gin as I was trying to pin that down, which isn’t surprising, considering that gin is made from juniper; but I in no way mean to imply that it was anywhere near as harsh and it certainly didn’t bite like that!  I find as I am putting together this article that many reviews describe an oak flavour but I didn’t find that; it seemed more of a cedar or perhaps even birchwood flavour to me.

I found it every bit as mellow as descriptions promised.  It burnt almost perfectly straight and even left a long cylindrical white ash.  I smoked it cold as I worked on some articles and the first third lasted 45 minutes on its own.

2016-02-26 07.24.05The second third took on the oak flavour that other sources have suggested, along with nuttier flavours and an element of not-unpleasant burnt toast, and perhaps a hint of some earthier elements. Again the Velvet Edition offered a fine performance in stamina; this stage lasted about an hour.  So even if you have a meh opinion of the flavour profile it’s a lot of bang for your buck, and I was quite enjoying the cigar myself.  I found it to be a perfect accompaniment with my morning coffee.

However, it did go out just before I started the final third.  I re-lit the stick immediately and then I was reminded of a cedar campfire with a honey undertone, and perhaps just a hint of a mild coffee.  That lasted about twenty-five minutes before it finally smouldered out, and there wasn’t much left of it when I was done.

A perfectly fine smoke, with no construction problems at all, and its gentle and subtle flavours and vitamin N content were just perfect for a morning pick-me-up.  I enjoyed this one considerably and may just pick up a small box of them for morning jump starting!

4 stars

I imagine the Velvet Edition must be a relatively new offering from Rocky Patel, as Holt’s site only had one customer review posted (and that particular customer was not as pleased as I was, giving it a two and half star “it was okay” rating.)  You can pick up a box of twenty of them at Holt’s for $119.95 USD or a single for $8.55 USD; or you can get it as part of the RP Toro Luxury Sampler, as I did.

That’s a lady’s perspective!

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  2. I checked this cigar out and the experience was well received I usually smoke baccarat but the Rocky Patel velvet edition has me at the moment going in another dimension

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