Proudly American (Main Street Pipers – American Pride Krumble Kake)

12833339_1082033481816930_1347152808_nI guess there’s a feeling of pride that comes along with people soliciting your opinion about their projects.  I never claimed to be an expert, but after sampling literally hundreds of different tobaccos, I think it’s fair to give my opinion.  And the fact that somebody wants that opinion, and desires to hear your views makes you want to thump your chest a little bit.  So, I have to thank Jose Ruiz for giving me this opportunity to inflate my ego a bit, and a chance to give you all my opinion of Jose’s blending skills with his American Pride Krumble Kake.

Opening the bag, I’m met with a rich fruity aroma with a musty undertone that can be described like fruit leather and old shoes, in a good way.  The kake is solid and requires a little work to krumble it, but that will only provide a better hold for the flavours.

The tobacco packs easily into my pipe, a John Hines custom skater, with no need to air it first and with the flame of my bic it lights readily.

Now before I get into telling my feelings about this tobacco I should explain that it is a very, very complex blend.

I am told that it is a mix of luxury twist and Virginia flake, a bullseye flake, Kentucky dark fired, Latakia, Izmir and Green River black Cavendish making this about as American of blend as you can get.

OK, so the taste; rich and buttery, smooth and creamy are the words that best describe this tobacco.  My wife, a sometime cigar aficionado, who on rare occasions smokes a pipe, took two puffs off my pipe and declared that she could happily smoke this on a consistent basis.  Now, for Sable to say that a pipe tobacco rates anywhere near her blessed cigars, is high praise indeed.

I’ve been puffing merrily away on this tobacco all morning and my house is filled with a smell that can be described as old libraries, a nostalgic smell for sure.

So, this tobacco has been blended in a jar for three weeks to merge the flavours, then pressed for another three weeks to marry the blend.  Did it work?  In my absolutely unbiased opinion, this is among the best krumble kakes I’ve ever smoked.  Now, admittedly I’ve only smoked about ½ dozen krumble kakes, but this is among the best of them.

The ash of this tobacco is fine and white, and the dottle left behind by it is minuscule at best.  I will definitely be telling Jose to send me more of this.

Out of the ballpark, Jose, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, and you hit it out of the ballpark!

It is blended by Jose Ruiz of Main Street Pipers who are sponsored by Smokes on Main, headquartered in West Bend Wisconsin, you can find them online at or on Facebook at

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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