The Piper and His Good Wife: Academy


Sutliff Private Stock: Academy

Hope everyone has been good and healthy, as the flu has been going around yet again this year. The sun is out and warm weather is coming soon in the next few days and we are so looking forward to some nice weather and go out and enjoy they day with my wife. So today’s review is from Sutliff and is called Academy (Sutliff Private Stock). So get your favorite pipe, start planning of some outdoor activities and get ready for some nice weather and take advantage of it while you can I know we will for sure.

Pipe: Irish Briar “Dragon” churchwarden (

Meerschaum straight pipe, MM corncob diplomat, Peterson bent dry system p lip.

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia.

Age on tin: October 2014

Cut: Ribbon

Pack method: drop fill and tap, franks method, palm swirl, 3 tier

Strength: Medium

Flavor: Chemically/fake cherry with vanilla notes. Smoky nuttiness.

Taste: Burns hot, acrid, sourness, wood taste like a wooden spoon and to forward for a aromatic.

Tin note: Smoky with an alcohol flavoring of cherry but not vanilla, slight nuttiness.

Room note: At first Academy was an okay but not impressive aroma. However, as I smoked it more it became offensive to not only others in the room but to me also. It got harsh and acrid in the aroma department and everyone agreed it was too chemically scented compared to other aromatics they have really enjoyed with me. Some even said WTF are you smoking?? I mean that not in a good way mind you!

Notes: Well as with all my reviews I get excited to try new blends I have never had before. I look forward to the tastes, flavors and the sheer enjoyment of the experience it can bring to others and me. First off, as far as the classification on this blend as it is listed as ” aromatic” I believe that is misleading. I honestly feel it should be listed as an “aro-english” as this is Sutliff’s attempt at a cross over blend from aromatic blend to English blend. I give them kudos for trying but feel it still needs lots of work. This extra work, in my opinion, they should have done before marketing this blend and selling it. The tobacco was a bit too moist and needed to be dried and experimented with on the times of drying from minutes to 1 hour and a half with different pipes as well as the pack methods I’ve listed in hopes to see if anything can make this a passable blend to consider buying. I used a churchwarden and smoked slow to see how cool this smoke should be, but failed miserably. It seems that no matter how hard I tried it smoked very hot in all pipes and in all pack methods and moisture levels. Also, all pipes I used consistently, after the first 5 minutes Academy became acrid and harsh and would gurgle more than any other tobacco I’ve encountered. I repeatedly tried to stop the gurgle but it still did that. Academy has an unpleasant aroma mainly and I had to force myself to finish the bowls to give it a fair testing on all the pipes. Talk about taking one for the team! I felt compelled to do this to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. I was very surprised at how bad this blend was for me, as I know Russ is a great blender with many great ones I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Perhaps this was his early attempt at a “cross-over” or an “aro-english” blend. I get that you have to try out ideas and learn from any failed blends and always improve on them. This blend to others around me and I is it is a horrible attack on our senses except maybe the sight as the tobacco least looked nice and the tin art was ok. So in a nut shell what do I think of this blend? In a few words “HELL NO”!!!
I rarely give any bad marks for creativity but I have to be honest and fair. I hope any blender would take it as a constructive criticism or how else would a they know if they’re on the right track to being a OMG can’t live with out it blend or one that’s on a fast track to the trash can? As far as those around me and myself this blend is on its way on the downward slide and fast. Sadly, I do not recommend this blend as there is way better ones you can pick that you can spend your money on but more importantly ones you can enjoy. If you are looking for a good crossover blend I suggest Frog Mortons cellar from McClelland as one that I enjoy. There are other great crossovers out there to try on our adventure and I hope said adventure will never end. As always may you have a great day, stay safe, love to you all and KEEP ON PUFFIN!

Rate: 0.5 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: After a working weekend my husband and I are finally doing a review to unwind. I enjoy kicking back and chilling with the aromas. The fact that tonight is the mid-winter premiere of The Walking Dead is an added bonus. The initial smell is soft and aromatic, nothing overwhelming or obnoxious yet, which is an odd pairing with such an intense show. Academy is slightly fake and second rate to my nose at this point. It isn’t a bad odor but not something I would choose. It is the commercial break in my show, something you can’t avoid. It is something you don’t necessarily hate but not why you turned on the TV. It is at best a necessary evil, one that is starting to give me a headache. It is becoming the repetitive stupid commercial that starts out “eh whatever” and becomes a loathing as the show continues. I am not a fan. As it builds in the room it is actually interfering with my TV show now. I feel like I am a zombie getting stabbed in the nose with a spike and I’m just trying to sit here and watch TV. I do not like this “commercial” in any way shape or format, I just want to open the doors, throw the whole damn pipe out the window and get back to watching Rick and the crew kick zombie ass in the apocalypse.

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