Unsurprisingly Good (Main Street Pipers – English #1)

main st pipersSo, now being in better health and finally sitting down to do some reviews of tobaccos that Jose sent me, I finally get around to sampling some of the English blend that Jose has been bugging me to sample since it arrived in mid January, only my health has not been good.

So, loading up my pipe, a Golden Gate Pipes partially rusticated straight bulldog, I settled down thinking to myself, “Jeez Jose, with the way you’ve been pushing me to try this, I hope that it’s special and doesn’t let me down?”

The bag note is a rich musty smell of Latakia, though not as strong as some blends that I’ve smelled, and indicates that I’m about to get into a bowl of English, something that I definitely prefer in colder weather.

People may not believe it, but I think that some tobaccos just smoke better in certain weather conditions.  Well, it’s a cold and crappy day, drizzling rain and gray with fog, perfect for an English, so using a soft flame lighter, I spark up.

My first couple of draws actually tell me that I’m in for a treat.  This smooth and buttery taste strikes me almost immediately, and I settled back to let the tastes mellow, and when they do that’s when I realize that the fruit punch I was drinking earlier is ghosting the whole experience and the sickly sweet fruit punch taste is not coupling well with the sour and smoky Latakia.

So I go and pour myself a strong cup of coffee to wash away the taste of the fruit punch and start over.  Somewhat of a waste, but I reload my pipe.

This time when the smooth and buttery taste give way, somewhat, to the sour and smoky Latakia, they are not totally masked by fruit punch and the smooth butter still shines, though now taking a background role.

45 minutes later and I’m still smoking this pipe.  This is not to say that a pipe has not gone out a few times, because I am writing, and chatting on Facebook, while smoking this pipe.

It is now some 8 hours later, and I am on my fourth bowl of this delightful blend, which is unusual for me as I normally only smoke about three pipes a day, and this makes this the fifth pipe.

With each pipe I met with a minuscule amount of dottle, no matter what pipe I smoke it in.

Would I say I’m surprised?  Not really, I’ve come to expect good things from Jose’s blends.  So far I have tried three, and they have all been good.

To use an English football quote, “SCOOORRREE!!!” <crowd goes wild, riots ensue, people are trampled>

But seriously, an excellent blend to be sure.

This blend is available, exclusively, by Main Street Pipers, at Smokes on Main, headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin, and if you can get your hands on it I seriously recommend it.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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