The Piper and His Good Wife: Sutliff Private Stock Cabaret Rouge

       Sutliff Private Stock: Cabaret Rouge


Well all my friends out there in our wonderful pipe community, hope all is well with everyone today. As I look outside, believe it or not I’m seeing more signs of spring being around the corner. I know some people still have snow or just got some snow and cold temperatures but trust me it’s coming. Rural living makes me see this more from nature as some lawns can actually be seen, snow is melting, geese are migrating north, hearing a bit more birds, fishing derby’s going on. Hell I’m getting itchy to go fishing once it’s warmer so time to get the gear ready.  So while I yearn for fishing with my wife and friends someday soon I will put this as a good time to relax and concentrate on a review for you. I hope you get to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily living. So, without further ado today’s review is on Sutliff Cabaret Rouge (Sutliff Private Stock).

Pipe: Irish Briar dragon churchwarden (, Meerschaum block straight pipe, MM patriot corn cob

Tin Age : December, 2014

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Virginia

Flavorings: Cherry, fruit, citrus

Cut: Coarse cut

Pack Method: Palm twist, franks,3tier

Strength: Mild medium

Flavor:  Cherry with some dried fruit notes like dried cherry/dried cranberry as in a  very light note of it.

Taste: Sweet, grassy notes with minor tongue bite and light harshness.

Tin Note: Cherry with nuances of dried cherries and not overly sweet.

Room Notes: Pleasant aroma of dried cherries/cranberry that is mild and never overpowering your senses.

Notes: Sutliff’s Cabaret Rouge once opened and out of the tin is not too moist; the tin note is a pleasant cherry aroma and not the typical chemically fake cherry aroma at all. Cabaret Rouge packs well and stays lit with very little fuss or effort. As I smoke the first third of the bowl I find the room note is a mild yet pleasant aroma of cherry. That said however, I did notice some slight tongue bite and minor bitterness that is typical for an aromatic. The sweetness isn’t too much but that same sweetness created some gurgling, which was remedied after a pipe cleaner is used. It’s a common occurrence I notice with aromatics or any tobacco that may be too moist or using a bend or churchwarden type pipe, but I did make sure this blend was dry enough. So don’t worry too much if you get some gurgling just use a pipe cleaner through the bit to clear it up. My advice is that you just don’t take your stem apart till you’re done and is cooled enough or you run the risk of breaking it off.
Now that we have progressed to the second third of the bowl I am noticing that the flavor is still holding on. This is a bit of a surprise for me as many aromatics at this point have either faded or are starting to fade, so kudos so far for stamina on the flavor point. There is no progression as far as strength or taste that I guess is a good thing as it’s not getting worse either. At this point it is smoking a little hot even if smoked slow. It definitely has a slight tang that I can taste from the Virginia tobacco. Cabaret Rouge has a nice body and some spice so in turn it has some complexity. At least it isn’t a bland or one noted blend during the middle of the smoke.

As I finish up this blend, on the last third of the bowl I can tell the overall aroma is still okay. By that I mean very mild and fading fast. Likewise, the flavor is also fading fast and now it is burning hotter. I notice more bitterness and tang with yet more of a tongue bite. I did have to do a few relights during the last third compared to first part of the smoke and it is now gurgling more. I have to use the pipe cleaner more often as it’s also getting more acidic and sour. As I continue to get towards the end of the bowl it just gets worse, hotter, sour, acrid, with no flavor, the aroma is gone, and all that is left is bitterness.

So my final assessment of Sutliff Private Stock: Cabaret Rouge is as follows. It reminds me somewhat of the mainstream favorite Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce. I qualify it slightly mind you as I find Molto Dolce to be a very good aromatic. I compare it to that as its similar in sweetness and is not overly topped and has a good cherry flavor unlike with others that use a chemically tasting flavors of cherries. So, Cabaret Rouge would be a good aromatic for anyone liking or a beginner to cherry aromatics as it does maintain a nice mild to mild-medium flavor. I think Sutliff tried to make a similar blend to Molto Dolce but don’t think they quite got there and why mess with something that’s already a great blend. I would rather see them work on other blends or improve on ones maybe not so great. Over all this is an okay blend but there are far superior ones on the market.

Rate: 2.5 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: My husband lit up Cabaret Rouge a little bit ago. To be honest, I’ve gotten a little burnt out on aromatic blends and after our last encounter with one I approached this review with a little trepidation. However, a full 5 minutes later I am still waiting to smell this blend from across the room. I occasionally get a slight sweet cherry note but I have to really strain to detect it. Maybe that is because the window is cracked open a mere two or three inches or maybe I am desensitized to aromatics now, maybe it’s just that mild of a blend. I guess time will tell ultimately which one it is and we should know shortly. The results are in, after yet another ten minutes I still have to strain to smell it from across the room that tells me this is a very mild blend in room note. At this time, that makes Cabaret Rouge a gem for people who worry about those around them. Even after the hubby has moved to right next to me in the living room this blend is faint and not overly cloying or irritating. I have to admit I love watching him do a relight. The plumes of smoke swirl in the air and surround him like an angels halo, yet like an angel the air in the room is still soft and easy to breathe. While he sits right next to me I do get hints of cherry sweetness but it is in no way overwhelming. It is still almost too subtle for my personal taste. After all, the reason I love Jose’s smoking is because once in a while the blend sparks my imagination and I get to run away mentally to some new, intriguing place. With Cabaret Rouge however, I get to go nowhere. So for not being bold and vivid, it is a winner. This blend could be smoked at any time around almost anyone, so if you think bland is good, go for it!

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