Nuclear Reaction (Acid Atom Maduro Robusto & Acid One Torpedo)

Acid Atom Maduro and Acid OneNow that the snow has melted, we’ve been making more trips out of town.  So naturally I had to have a couple of good cigars for a shopping trip, and I chose a couple of infused Acid cigars from my Acid Limited Edition Sampler Tin from Pipes & Cigars.  I was partially motivated by the fact that I’ve been working on reviewing my Rocky Patel Luxury Toro Sampler from Holt’s Cigar Company and I wanted to take a break and enjoy something a little different.

2016-03-28 11.29.13On the way out the door on a rainy day I selected the Acid Atom Maduro.  This dark lovely is five inches long and a 50 ring gauge with a solid double cap and a typically flashy gold-coloured Acid label.  The wrapper note of this almost seamless matte cocoa Nicaraguan wrapper is something like coffee and fresh cut grass.  I punched the perfect double cap easily with my trusty bullet punch and waited until I was sitting in the car to light it.

I enjoy the combination of a rich maduro wrapper with the unique blends of herbs and botanicals that is the hallmark of an Acid cigar.  The overall flavour is hard to pinpoint but it’s like a savory stew with strong sage and parsley elements, if you added a little molasses for sweetness.  There are also some floral elements that remind me of the scent of wildflowers.  It’s billed as a mild to medium bodied cigar and I find that consistent.

The firm pack made the draw smooth and easy, and I smoked contentedly for the hour or so that it takes to drive into Kelowna.  I found the Atom to be surprisingly oily for an infused cigar, which helped to enhance that sense of “meatiness.”  It went out before I would have been done with it, but it didn’t owe me anything by that point, and when I’m enjoying a cigar I often smoke it down to the nub anyway.

2016-03-28 15.39.05The Atom Maduro makes an explosive contrast to the Acid One Torpedo.  Almost like a photo negative, its Nicaraguan tobaccos, which are cured, apparently, with five different wines, one of which is a distinctive Nicaraguan Sangria, is wrapped in a delicious winding aged Connecticut Cameroon wrapper and dressed with a label that resembles platinum or tarnished silver.

I find that when a cigar keeps a pigtail of tobacco on the head it clips more easily and maintains the tobacco freshness, which seems to improve the draw, and this one was no exception.  It was five inches long and a 54 ring gauge.  I smoked it on the way home, which took about 50 minutes, largely because I could not smoke as much of the nub on this one due to the torpedo shape, and I tried to relight several times in my reluctance to let it go.

What a fantastic combination!  I guess this is what happens when you split the atom to discover the singularity.  This was indeed the Big Bang.  I recommend trying them in the order that I did because you end up with a lingering blend of Sangria and florals in your mouth for hours afterwards.

Together, I give this combination of infused cigars:

4 stars

You can get the Atom Maduro at Thompson Cigar or Famous Smoke for about $75 USD for a ten pack, $35 USD for a five pack or about $165 USD for a box of 25; and you can get the One at Thompson Cigar  or Famous Smoke for about the same price; or you can get them at Cigars International (same prices again) or as part of the Acid Limited Edition Sample Tin at Pipes & Cigars for about $50 USD, like I did.

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