Exclusively Awesome (Montecristo Relentless Robusto)

Photo copyright (c) by Sable Aradia and Smoking Jacket Magazine.

Photo copyright (c) by Sable Aradia and Smoking Jacket Magazine.

So one of the perks of this job is that I get sent things to review by cigar companies. Famous Smoke got in on the action by sending us a couple of cigars; so thanks Famous Smoke!

I thought I would begin with the Montecristo Relentless Robusto.  I have sampled the Double Toro size before, and I gave it top marks, so I was happy to try the robusto, which is more typical of the cigar size I usually smoke.  It was a delightful golden colour like its compatriot; a fine example of a light Connecticut.  The label looks like a warning label, with its bright yellow and red surrounded by black.  I think the impression is meant to be something like a 1950s hot rod.  It had a solid double cap and I found it to be a really hard pack which was difficult to cut with my bullet punch.  It’s five and a half inches long and a 48 ring gauge.

The Relentless is a Dominican cigar with an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper, a Mexican San Andres binder, and long-filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Brazil.  It is billed as medium-bodied and it is an exclusive to Famous Smoke.  The wrapper note was of oak and toasting the foot revealed a scent like a fireplace.  I lit it with one of my beloved cedar spills, which I will do by preference if it’s convenient.  I’ve even gotten into the habit of packing one into my leather cigar case when I go out and bring something to smoke with me.

Photo copyright (c) by Sable Aradia and Smoking Jacket Magazine.

Photo copyright (c) by Sable Aradia and Smoking Jacket Magazine.

The initial draw was buttery and smooth, with a hint of new-mown hay.  I puffed away while i was watching Star Wars with my family, pleased.  This is what I want from a pure natural Connecticut; just light, bright flavours to get my palate working and energize my spirit along with my body.  I was sharing with my stepdaughters’ Mama and she was quite excited about it too.  Having quit cigarettes recently, she still enjoys a good cigar every once in a while, but since she usually smokes smaller over-the-counter varieties she finds a real cigar a little overwhelming.  Sharing it makes it go faster, but also makes it more fun.  So understanding that I was sharing, we actually got a full 45 minutes out of the smoke.  That’s impressive, considering how quickly and how hot you smoke it when you’re passing it back and forth.  You don’t want to hold onto it too long because that would be rude.  Pretty impressive.

So it’s easy to pinpoint the thirds.  Fifteen minutes in the flavour profile was already in the process of unfolding.  It settled quickly into that applewood flavour I described in my review of the Double Toro; positively delightful!  Yet it maintained all that creaminess. Perhaps something like an applewood-flavoured latte.

The second third revealed that lovely Frangelico and coffee taste I described with the Double Toro; only it maintained its oak-wood elements too.  Interesting that they seemed to flip in progression based simply on the size of the cigar!

It wasn’t until the final third that the overtone of cinnamon I described in the Double Toro review became apparent.  My lips tingled with a delightful accent of pepper as well.  And no head rush near the end, which pretty much confirms my speculation that a smaller size (like the robusto) would make an ideal beginner’s cigar.  My co-parent enjoyed it immensely as well and was not overwhelmed either.  I didn’t have any problems with cracking or breaking as some other reviewers have noted either.

So, another great experience from Montecristo and Famous Smoke!  I think I just might have to make the Relentless a regular part of my rotation. The construction was ideal and even the draw was perfect, despite the hard pack.  I think it would be the perfect morning cigar over coffee, and I hope to keep some around for just that purpose.

5 Stars

You can only get the Relentless robusto at Famous Smoke, where it’s on sale for $71.95 USD for a box of ten, from its regular $96.50 USD.  And you can also get it for $37.99 USD (from $48.25 USD) or you can pick up a single for $9.65 USD.  That seems a little steep to me; but why would you want just one?

That’s a lady’s perspective!



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