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Sutliff Private Stock: The Great Outdoors



Howdy everyone I hope everyone is having a great week so far. It is spring as far as I’m concerned since I’m seeing more of nature’s signs of it.  This morning I’ve seen robins, geese flying north, and heard the calls of cranes in the distance, so yes for me spring is here and temperatures are promising to go up. As I was outside enjoying the first tastes of spring around me, I can’t help but think of finally being outdoors and planning a fishing trip nearby someday just to get out and have some fun and enjoy a few pipes and relax. I cannot think of a better way to get an early taste of this plan than to do a review and contemplate this future outing. So as I’m looking at which tobacco blend to pick for a review than when one just called my name and said ” pick me, pick me” (no I didn’t have my coffee yet). So that being said the name of today’s blend is Great Outdoors from Sutliff (Sutliff Private Stock ). So start your special outdoor activity as you enjoy your pipe and get out and have fun go exploring or what ever you like to do outdoors.

Pipe: Nording keystone, MM Mark Twain corn cob, Irish Briar Poker (

Tin age: June 2014

Tobacco: Burley

Flavoring: Anisette, Vanilla

Cut: coarse

Pack method: Drop and tap, 3 tier, franks.

Strength: Medium

Flavor: Slight natural sweetness, nuttiness with caramel vanilla notes.

Taste: Has a smooth creaminess and body. Can burn hot if smoked fast.

Tin note: The tin note reminds me of root beer or sarsaparilla with a creamy nuttiness in the background.

Room note: Great Outdoors is not overly pronounced as it has a straightforward tobacco aroma. This aroma is nuttier and what you expect from a Burley tobacco. This blend has a slight Caramel Vanilla note in the background. It also has a little natural sweetness from the tobacco leaf, not a chemically sweetness.

Notes: The Great Outdoors has a nice tin aroma with a decent straightforward tobacco room note. It packs well and has a nice coarse cut blend. Once lit, during the first third of the bowl it smells nice but that does not match the tin note. I find I get more of a Burleys true taste of the nuttiness and some natural tobacco sweetness than anticipated. Overall the blend smokes cool unless you smoke too fast then as with any tobacco it can get hot. I am finding no tongue bite or bitterness but I am noticing a nice body and richness with some creaminess that makes it pleasant. As I progress onto the second third of the bowl I start to notice the true progression with a pleasant difference as it gets a little more spiciness while the strength manages to stay the same. There still is no tongue bite nor is it bitter. I notice the spice moving slightly more forward as the sweetness falls in the background slightly. Now finally, during the last third of the bowl, the aroma has changed from a straightforward tobacco to a slightly offensive odor. By this I mean it is a bit stronger and is slightly irritating to those around me. It is quickly becoming just an okay aroma to “eh better go outside and smoke”. I also now notice a minor taste difference in the creaminess as it is changing to be more like slight light brown butter nuttiness. It still maintains nicely with no tongue bite or bitterness at all. Overall Great Outdoors has enough good flavor and complexity and with the strength remaining constant to it to be considered a good all day blend for your smoking pleasure. To recap, it has some nice light spiciness but towards the end it will have a slightly offensive aroma as it gets a builds in the room. I tried this blend with a few different pipes prior to writing this review MM Mark Twain corn cob brought out the complexity a bit more and kept it a coolest smoke compared to the others.

So what exactly are my thoughts on this blend? I never tasted the Anisette in the smoke nor the aroma even though that is predominantly featured as a topping for this blend. It did however, have a slight vanilla note. It does have a nice tin note and packs well and never seemed overly moist. If you like Burleys, this blend has a great typical Burley nuttiness with a straightforward natural sweetness you get when it’s aged well. There is one draw back is it needs to be smoked slowly to prevent any tongue burn and bitterness. If you are a power smoker this blend probably won’t be for you. The actual strength remains the same through out the smoke and it maintains a pleasant creaminess to light brown butter taste. I would recommend this as a whole day smoke or to anyone wanting to try a Burley blend for the first time. So go and give this one a try as I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Rated: 3 out of 5

 The Good Wife’s Review: The man lit up some Great Outdoors tonight after dinner. We treated ourselves and changed the routine a bit this week to be honest. We never ever open a bottle of wine in the middle of the week, but it’s a slow workweek and we decided to throw caution to the wind. After some really nice Dark Horse wine we popped a little bit of Great Outdoors. Upon opening the tin, my first thought was, root beer! No joke, it is the odor that hit me first. Then he pulled out his nice new tobacco plate and got to work. It’s a shame really, that plate would have looked so much better with table water crackers and pate or Brie or better yet, both but it is a tobacco prep plate sadly not for snacks! My hubby lit up his pipe and I must admit it had a nice mellow “typical pipe” smoke odor. It’s not overly sweet or cloying like an aromatic, nor is it barbeque pungent like a lat-bomb but it is a nice little in-offensive blend. The Great Outdoors doesn’t evoke any one image, or memory for me. It simply floats in the room, slightly sweet but not cloying, smoky but not overpowering in any way at all. It is yet another one of the “oh okay” blends in the Sutliff Private Stock repertoire.


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