A Fresh-Served Cigar Even After Long Storage (Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto)

2016-04-14 14.39.01I’ve had the last Perdomo of my Five Card Stud Sampler from Pipes & Cigars sitting in my humidor for a while; and it was long past time to finish it off.  I felt like something lighter in the afternoon, and the Perdomo Lot 23’s pleasant matte-finished beige Connecticut wrapper seemed perfect.  It is a mild to medium bodied Nicaraguan cigar with Cuban seed Corojo and Criollo ’98 fillers, bound with a six year old Criollo binder and a five year old US Connecticut wrapper. It was presented in an old fashioned label that reminded me of a china plate.  The wrapper was shot through with some veins, and it was crowned with a double cap.  It was very dry, and it cracked rather than cut when I clipped it with my double guillotine cutter, but it’s been out of the wrapper and floating around in my humidor for some time, since I’d intended to smoke it before but the opportunity had not come up, so that was to be expected.  it’s five inches long and a 50 ring gauge.

There was a unique white pepper and wood scent upon toasting the foot.  The first few draws were of rich, delicious tobacco with an undertone of wine and white pepper; a fairly consistent description of the first third.  About 20 minutes in it developed a nutty flavour as well, and some of the wine faded.  What an unusual flavour profile!  I wondered if that was common or if it was just the extensive aging that had allowed the combination to develop.

I also found that it stayed lit easily  I almost forgot about it at one point as I worked on writing, and it was still lit.  It didn’t maintain a good ash, however; the ash was flaked all over my desk.

About 45 minutes in it needed relighting.  After that, which I would judge to be about halfway through the second third, it developed a fresh-baked crusty bread flavour.  What a pleasant surprise!  I really enjoyed it!

It went out again an hour in; which turned out to be a real pain in the rear this time.  The dryness of the cigar began to tell.  It flaked as I tried to peel off the too firmly glued label.

But strong peppery elements with a very strong nut and wood flavour became apparent in that final third, while a touch of the bread taste remained.  I noticed a little bit of a head rush as I got closer to the stub.  It fell to pieces near the end; the cap tore off, cracked and shattered completely.  But by then I was happy.  It took two hours and forty minutes to smoke the whole thing, including about half an hour worth of time spent out and relighting.

All in all, well worth it!  Construction issues being the only drawback, and that after long, plastic-less storage, and with such a unique flavour profile, I give this one:

4 stars

Unfortunately, it seems to be hard to get!  The Lot 23 Connecticut is selling out everywhere.  You can still get a five pack for $25.50 USD at Cigars International (the box of twenty has sold out – and I think that about $5 a cigar is a real bargain); and even the Five Card Stud Sampler I got it from is backordered!

I’ll review the Five Card Stud Perdomo Sampler sometime in the next few days.

And that’s a lady’s perspective!

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