Partagas Maduro No. 1 Review

May the embargo be over soon because this review will expose what will surely be a humidor essential. The Partagas Maduro No. 1 Is the first Maduro cigar to be released under the Cuban Partagas name. Currently exclusive to Las Casa De la Habanos and their authorised retailers, the Partagas Maduro has a darker shade wrapper as a result of the application of an additional fermentation period.

Out-of-the-Box Aroma and Initial Light 

This 5 1/8 by 52 ring gauge cigar gives off a pungent aroma of cedar, aged tobacco and that characteristic Habanos scent. Lighting up the cedar spill enables me to use a soft flame to gently toast the cigars foot so that I don’t over scorch the delicate wrapper. The initial puffs revealed a definite mild-medium body with dominating notes of sweet cocoa and wood. A delicious first light and hopefully these amazing flavours persist into the next segments.


First Third – 20 min

The draw was perfect throughout the first third, providing plumes of smoke and a perfectly balanced profile of flavours. Notes of cedar, sweet spice and a less-sweet, more bitter chocolate came to make up the flavour profile of this third. Delicious flavours, although, the ash was a bit flaky and the burn a bit wonky. Although, this did not cause any flavour, smoking or draw issues.

DSC00608Second Third – 30 min

As expected, the ash is still flaky, but the burn has remained razor sharp after the first third touch up. Regardless, flavours are still characteristically Habanos with notes of sweet chocolate coming back in, cedar, no spice and an oily slickness on my lips and palate. Overall, a great third!

Final Third – 30 min

The smoke heated up quite a bit in the final third and put itself out more than once. Regardless, flavours pretty much persisted into this third with the slight addition of a nutty, burnt wood taste.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the cigar was a keeper. Great profile, complex yet balanced and excellent smoke output. If you able to get your hands on a box of these they will definitely be a great candidate as an ageing cigar.

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