Edgy (Rocky Patel the Edge Habano Corojo Robusto)

2016-07-17 16.48.59Another meeting of the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club!  Knowing it was a good time to savour a smoke at length, I chose the Rocky Patel the Edge Habano that I’ve been saving.  Its wrapper was a lovely dark Colorado shade, with few veins and a matte finish.  It was capped with a double cap which looked great, but which didn’t cut well with the double guillotine, I’m afraid.  It made a loose, cracked flap of wrapper I then had to tend to for the rest of the smoke.  I guess I’m not the first to have such difficulties: Cigar Aficionado gave it a 90 rating, but they cited “minor flaws with the cap.”  The wrapper note was diminished, probably because I’ve had it for a while, but it smelled faintly of oak and good tobacco.  It was five and a half inches long and a 50 ring gauge.

The light was easy and smooth with my cedar spills.  A pleasant room note of coffee filled the air.  The first draw was distinctly of sugar-sweetened coffee, and the more I smoked, the more that the faint sweet essence was left on my lips and tongue; so clearly, there is some kind of sweet infusion in the wrapper.

2016-07-17 16.49.24Now I’ve tried the Maduro version of the Edge before, and I really liked it, so I had some idea of what to expect.  They aren’t kidding when they describe their product as “full bodied.”  If you don’t hang on tight, it will hit you like a tank!  The first third was delightfully dominated by that sweetened coffee essence, which morphed into a french vanilla flavour within the first few minutes.  And the thing about the Edge is that it’s so potent that you can’t smoke it quickly.  If you’re not a hardened cigar smoker (and I mean, daily cigar smoker) then you must take your time.  So that first third lasted a full 45 minutes.

The second third seemed dominated by a wood and caramel blend, with just a hint of that French vanilla.  But one thing about the Edge is that it controls the strength and flavour well, especially if you smoke a cigar like I do, which is cold, with the ember barely smouldering.  Rich and full-flavoured, especially for a Colorado wrapper.  I took my time and smoked as I chatted, relaxed, and the second third held out for just under an hour.

2016-07-17 16.49.09The final third, which started about the time I normally strip the label (but has to be guessed at with the Edge, because the label is actually near the foot) revealed hitherto unknown or unnoticed peppery elements, like a faint cinnamon essence in coffee without the cinnamon taste.  That lasted just over half an hour, but by then I was smoking it so slowly that it went out, and it wasn’t worth relighting at that point, so if I’d smoked it harder I am sure it would have lasted longer.

Yup; just what I was expecting as a Rocky Patel fan; a delicious,full-bodied smoke, that, approached with respect, makes for an ideal smoking experience!

Stars - 4 and a half



This was the last of my Rocky Patel Five Card Stud Sampler that I got from Pipes & Cigars, so the review on that will be following sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Aside from that, you can get the Edge Habano at Pipes & Cigars for $6.05 USD for a single, $25.99 USD for a five pack and $101.99 USD; and at Cigars International for about $30.00 USD for a five pack and $113.99 USD for a box of twenty.

And that’s a lady’s perspective!


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