A Lick and a Promise (G.A.R. Robusto Grande by George A. Rico)

Copyright (c) Smoking Jacket Magazine.  Photo by Sable Aradia.

Copyright (c) Smoking Jacket Magazine. Photo by Sable Aradia.

There’s not much I enjoy more than an evening of writing.  But sometimes the brain needs a little extra boost, and that’s when I pull out a small cigar.  This time I chose to pull out a G.A.R. Robusto Grande by George Rico.  I think I acquired it as part of a random sampler from Holt’s Cigar Company.  You can get a good deal on a collection of odds and ends; cigars that came from broken packages, leftovers from sampler sets, and so forth, which is perfect for a cigar reviewer who wants a little variety.

The Robusto Grande is five and half inches long and a 52 ring gauge.  It has a well-constructed double cap and its Ecuadoran Corojo wrapper is a smooth chocolate brown with few veins.  Its wrapper scent is pleasant and earthy, like dried cowpies.  I found it cut easily and cleanly in a V shape with my tabletop cutter.  The room note was a leathery, dry-earth scent, but I found there was a hint of bitter in it.  And the first few draws proved that, while in general the Nicaraguan long-fillers produced rich, earthy flavours, tinged with a hint of coffee, a bitter undertone remained.

It is billed as a full bodied cigar, and indeed, I found that the strong nicotine was just what I was looking for!  Alas, it was not to be.  Within the first few minutes, a direct draft of the smoke caused Erin to start coughing; not a high recommendation since he lives in a cloud of smoke.  Then it went out, despite the fact that I had put down my writing to take a break and chat at the table, and I was smoking it steadily.

Copyright (c) Smoking Jacket Magazine.  Photo by Sable Aradia.

Copyright (c) Smoking Jacket Magazine. Photo by Sable Aradia.

A little irritated, I clipped and relit, and it promptly went out after about another five minutes.

Genuinely cross now, I clipped again, and having lost nearly half of the cigar, I relit it once more with a fully-clipped end to draw from, in the hopes that greater air flow would keep the fires burning.

But no; it went out yet again within ten minutes of the final relight.  It had also started to crack.

Well, that’s a deal-breaker for me.  Unfortunate, since the original dark flavours and the strong boost showed such promise!  But I can’t favour a badly-constructed cigar.  I am sure I will try it again, hoping for a better roll, but for the time being I must give it:

1 and a half stars

You can get the G.A.R. at Cigar.com or Cigars International, where it runs about $6.50 to $6.80 USD for a single, and about $30 USD for a five pack.  Boxes of twenty are discounted for $115 to $120 USD, but they’re out of stock at CI.  That’s a lady’s perspective!

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