Heeerrrre’s Johnny

Hey all!  After a long hiatus, Smoking Jacket Magazine is seriously considering reopening its doors and producing, for all your tobacco pleasures, an e-zine and a quarterly print magazine! (WHAT!!!!)

So, where we are;

I have launched a Go Fund Me and a Patreon (<== Links in case you didn’t notice) to try to offset the high costs of doing this (even a website with a private members area costs a dollar a day)

I am looking to make this more sustainable, not in so much as profit, but in taking care of the contributors, like paying writers and web-hosting fees so that I can continue to bring regular high quality content and make you feel that your membership money isn’t wasted.  Further, with a paid membership model, I can easily bring you 15 articles a month or more and a physical magazine 4 times a year!

With my startup fees (I am asking for $5000 on Go Fund Me (<==Go! Every dollar helps!)), and 100 physical magazine subscribers ($5 a month for 3 months on Patreon (<==need as many of these as we can get too), this becomes easily sustainable.  I am retired with a lot of free time on my hands and a steady pension, so I am not looking to make money, just pay writers, offset web-hosting and bring you a 48-60 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, saddle stitched high gloss colour magazine.  (I will switch to 60 page 8.5×11, Perfect binding, if there are enough subscribers).

So donate on Go Fund Me, and subscribe on Patreon and help us make this a reality!

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Edit: There will still be free content, and hopefully a lot of it, on the web site, I am just aiming to bring more to members


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