Misleading Name, but Tasty Smoke (Alec Bradley Post Embargo)

For the twelfth day in a row, it rained. By now I was feeling deeply depressed and miserable about it. I desperately needed a pick-me-up, and thought the Alec Bradley Post Embargo might fit the bill.

But the name is misleading. It implies that something of it might come from Cuba, and I was interested in seeing what the brilliant Alec Bradley company might do with a true Habano.

Alas, it was not to be. It’s a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran binders and long fillers in a Honduran wrapper. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy Nicaraguans as a general rule, and Hondurans score well with me more often than they don’t. But the name is still potentially misleading, and I can’t help but think they know that. And the label is also misleading, featuring an American and a Cuban flag together in a heraldic shield display. So it did not start off on a good footing with me.

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I liked the look of it, though. It’s a box cut, always a plus, with a rich brown matte Connecticut wrapper, small-veined and double-capped. Mine was a belicoso; 5.5 inches and a 56 ring gauge with a very firm pack; so firm that it was a difficult draw until I pierced it through with my pipe tool.

I found the wrapper note to be a very faint nut scent. It lit easily with my brand-new Zippo, and the first draws had a nut and nutmeg taste. I found as I worked into the first third that it quickly took on a mustard taste. It’s unusual, but I’ve encountered it before and I like it when I find it! The first third lasted about 45 minutes.

In the second third, I started to taste more of the earthy elements other reviewers have pointed out, and a subtle nutty overtone. Very pleasant. Cigars International said that they’d received a 92 rating (I’m not sure where, because they didn’t clarify and I couldn’t find it on Cigar Aficionado) but wherever that was, they also said it had a “briny olive” flavour. I wouldn’t have thought of that as a comparative myself unless the idea had been put into my head by someone else, but I have to agree with the observation upon consideration.

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And a good long smoke too. The second third lasted almost an hour.

The final third took on a sharp element that I thought actually improved the flavour of the cigar, along with some subtle cocoa undertones. You wouldn’t think that blended with the “olive and earth,” but it did. It took about 45 minutes to make it all the way through the last of it.

All in all, a good smoke! Not my favourite, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if you dropped another one in front of me! I give it:

You can get the Post Embargo at Cigars International in the belicoso size for $43.50 USD for a pack of five, or $78.99 USD for a box of twenty.

And that’s a lady’s perspective!

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