Welcome to The Smoking Jacket Magazine’s Advertising Page. The Smoking Jacket Magazine is a rapidly growing magazine dedicated to all your smoking pleasures. Being 100% Canadian owned we are addressing the needs of what is otherwise an undervalued audience that deserves more content on tobacco-related products and news.

We currently have a little over 8000 regular subscribers, and we average about 225 unique visits per day, with an average of 3 page views per visit.  Our readers come primarily from the United States, Canada, and the U.K.  We also have a significant readership in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Mediterranean.

A significant portion of our readership, as you might expect, are “gentlemen of the briar” (pipe smokers) between the ages of 45-65; but about a quarter of our readership (and growing rapidly) is a new generation of readers discovering the joys of pipes and cigars (ages 20-30,) and a little less than a third of our readership is made up of mature women aged 35-50.

Our rates are detailed in the table below.  All prices are in US dollars:

Size Placement Yearly Half Year Three Months Per Month Per Two Weeks Per Week
Standard (300×150 pixels) Sidebar $750.00 $400.00 $200.00 $75.00 $40.00 $20.00
Large Square (300×300 pixels) Sidebar $1000.00 $550.00 $275.00 $100.00 $60.00 $30.00
Banner (700×175 pixels, 300 dpi) 10 strategic in-post placements $1000.00 $550.00 $275.00 $100.00

We also offer group packages.  For instance, four different merchants could team up to purchase a Large Square ad for the monthly rate of $100.00 with each merchant’s individual ad rotating weekly.

We also publish a pdf version of the magazine which is available through Etsy.  This is a brand-new endeavour and it remains to be seen what our circulation will be.  Therefore, we are offering dirt-cheap introductory rates: $10 USD for a standard-size ad in each issue.  Your purchase of an internet ad package gets you an ad of equal size free-of-charge in the magazine.

Smoking Jacket Magazine believes in raising up the tobacco community and educating its followers. To inquire about advertising with our magazine, please use the form below. No campaign is too small!


Thank you for advertising with The Smoking Jacket Magazine

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Press Releases: We welcome your press releases, and as long as we think they’re relevant and they’re not too frequent, we’ll print them for free.