The Secret History of Smoking Jacket Magazine

How We Started, Why We Succeeded, Why We Folded, and Why We’re Relaunching Now Hello, old friends and new! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sable Aradia, writer of A Lady’s Perspective, Once More with Feeling, and vlogger of Fast Review. Mostly I review cigars and related products, with an occasional dabble…

Soliciting Your Opinion

Hey Community I need some advice so I am reaching out to the greater tobacco using community (most of my readers have historically been Cigar and Pipe smokers, but I am also reaching out to Snuff/Snus users and Hookah smokers (tobacco shisha only)). <GET ON WI’ IT!> shouted from the back of the room Ok,…

Our Forums

I hear that Facebook has been in the process of closing cigar groups without recourse because they don’t like the cigar forums; and so because their regulations forbid the sale of tobacco products they’ve just been arbitrarily deciding that they all sell tobacco products and shutting them down. In light of this, I just want to…

Heri Za Kwanzaa!

May tradition and the Seven Principles provide peace for all those who celebrate, wherever in the world you may be, from all of us at Smoking Jacket Magazine.

Happy Holidays!

If we haven’t covered the way you celebrate over this holiday season in another post, we wish you the happiest of holidays and all the best in the New Year, from all of us at Smoking Jacket Magazine!