Q. Why should I register with The Smoking Jacket Magazine? 

          A. Subscribing to The Smoking Jacket Magazine will not only keep you updated with all the latest articles via email, but it will also ensure that you receive the monthly magazine PDF. 

Q. How do I register with The Smoking Jacket Magazine? 

          A. If you are logged in to WordPress.com you can follow your magazine using the follow button in the top admin bar. Readers not logged in to WordPress.com will see a follow button on the right side of the blog homepage

Q. How can I write for the Smoking Jacket Magazine?

          A. The Smoking Jacket Magazine is always looking for new and aspiring content providers. If you wish to join this marvellous team please contact us and we can discuss a possible opportunity for you at the SJM.

Q. I want to sponsor The Smoking Jacket Magazine, how do I go about doing that?

          A. If you are interesting in sponsoring/endorsing The Smoking Jacket Magazine you can visit the Advertising Page and leave us a message detailing your campaign.

Q. I received an email containing the most recent issue of The Smoking Jacket Magazine, however, the pdf is not visible. How do I view the document? 

          A. Make sure that you have the Adobe reader software properly installed on your computer. If you aren’t familiar with installing computer software, please visit Adobe’s support page. If you continue to have problems, email us HERE.

          For all other questions or concerns you can visit The Smoking Jacket’s Contact page and leave us a message.