The Smoking Jacket Magazine has multiple authors who all use different forms of scoring; if any. Those who do choose to score either cigars or pipe tobacco use a 10-point scale or a 5 star system that focuses on Pre-Light, Burn, Taste, and an concludes with an overall score that can add up to a possible total of 10 or 5 stars.

When reading reviews that have a score please keep the following in mind:

1. Cigar reviews are 100% subjective, everyone has a different palette, different taste, and not everyone finds the same tastes, or strengths in a cigar or pipe tobacco.

2. The tobacco used in both cigars and pipes, even from the same line and brand, vary year to year; since the growing seasons change. Also, manufacturing tobacco varies depending on who is rolling or cutting the tobacco. One must additionally take into account how the weather changes, where the tobacco is being stored, how long it has aged, etc. Because of this, no review should be looked at as the be-all, end-all of reviews.

3. Look at reviews to see if it interests you, but don’t buy or refuse to buy a particular cigar or pipe tobacco because we didn’t like it. For all you know you may love it. In the end the Smoking Jacket Magazine seeks to help you explore and broaden your horizons.

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    • You will notice that In my video’s I don’t give an explicit number. However, If you really want a number it would have been 9.8. But like I mentioned in the articles titled “The Subjectivity of Cigar Reviews” the number is entirely superfluous. Regardless, I liked the robusto slightly better, but this was phenomenal!

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