The Team

          Below you will find a list of contributors, authors, editors and anyone else who has helped The Smoking Jacket Magazine produce great content for your enjoyment. The Smoking Jacket is always looking for great ideas to help build its fan-base. If you would like to join the The Smoking Jacket team please contact us via my CONTACT FORM and we can discuss your opportunity at The Smoking Jacket Magazine.

Senior Staff

Erin McRoy – Owner & Executive Editor — writes “Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em”

Steven ‘The Cigar Prof’ Umbrello, CCT, LLMc – Senior Editor & Site Administrator — Managing Director at Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Sable Aradia – Senior Content Editor — writes “A Lady’s Perspective” – Author & Professional Blogger


Dominic Wheeler – Author — writes “Off the Meter”

Jose and Kat RuizAuthors — write “The Piper and His Goodwife” – Wisconsin’s only Certified Consumer Tobacconist

Greg WolfordAuthor — Pipe Restoration Expert and Contributing Author at – Owner & Executive Editor of Potholes in the Road of Life


Stefan Morrone – Contributor — Freelance journalist and Contributor at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Joshua Hart Contributor

Author Emeriti

Ben Rapaport – Contributor — Editor and Compiler of A Tobacco Source Book and recipient of the 2004 Doctor of Pipes award

Tad Seymour – Contributor –- Co-Founder of the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club